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Case Construction



Protect the inside with a functional and robust outside: metal cases impress with their lightweight construction, high quality and dimensional stability. Which case do you need? As a partner to industry, we provide comprehensive solutions. We support you from the design stage, through construction to implementation in sheet metal. We manufacture slide-in cases, industrial cases, racks, subracks and many other types of cases according to your requirements as a specialist in metal case construction.


From the raw sheet to the finished casing

We have been experts in metal casing construction for over 25 years. We realize your requirements within the shortest possible time and with the highest precision. The implementation starts with the prototype and continues right through to series production. Using modern CAD systems, we develop a customized enclosure solution for you according to your requirements. As well as suitable production planning – also just in time if required.

But the number of decisive advantages of working with HMT Rüffel lies in the overall package.

In short: we provide metal casing construction from a single source. From the production of sheet metal parts with surface finishing and printing, we also take on the assembly of entire modules. As well as shipping plus packaging as a finished end product at the customer’s request. We provide industrial customers with complete solutions that meet the various challenges they face.


Housing types

Circuit board housing
Network technology housing. With built-in electronics and slots for network technology.
Slide-in housing
Classic slide-in housing as an aluminum profile housing used in medical technology.
Medical control unit

Medical control unit made of powder-coated stainless steel. Surface extremely resistant to disinfectant solutions.

19 " Rack

PC housing for special applications. Extremely robust basic construction. HF optimized design.

Guitar amplifier
Housing made of sheet steel and aluminum. Powder-coated and multi-layer effect lacquered surfaces. Multicolored screen printing.
Small housings

Small housing in extremely robust steel design. Powder-coated with UV printing

Housing production in 3 steps

1. Sheet metal processing and sheet metal part production

Metal casings are usually made of aluminium or galvanized sheet metal. First, the raw sheet metal is shaped using various processing methods. The individual basic components are created by laser cutting, punching and edging. These are then additionally processed using machining technology such as milling and drilling. The processing steps are carried out according to the existing CAD drawings. As sheet metal parts, these housing components are ready for the next production step after quality inspection.

2. Coating and finishing the housing surface

Once prepared, cleaned and sanded accordingly, the components are ready for the next processing step. This involves applying paint or a protective coating. Consequently, surface finishing includes painting, powder coating and printing on the metal surface. Depending on the type of enclosure and the intended use, the finishing process may vary. Backs, base assemblies and side panels without lettering are often powder-coated. In contrast, front panels or control panels, which are finished using fine printing techniques such as UV printing, pad printing or screen printing, are usually painted.

3. Module and housing assembly

The finished painted individual parts are now assembled into a finished sheet metal housing according to the construction plan. We also manufacture external parts such as fine wood applications or plastic side panels in-house. These are often used in the finishing of electronic music devices. At the customer's request, we also carry out the complete assembly of components in addition to metal casing construction. We also install external components such as electronic parts and circuit boards. Including final inspection and quality testing according to your specifications. The ready-to-ship enclosures can be sent directly to your customers.



Together with the customer, we develop solutions to harmonize design, construction, ergonomics and function. Production steps and the use of components are optimized so that your products have a brilliant outlook. Good design is more than just a beautiful shape.

It is the perfect combination of technology, functionality, cost optimization and design. We have been working with renowned product and industrial designers in our partner network for years. Ergonomics and functionality are just as important as a contemporary overall look. Similar to fashion, buttons and operating elements characterize the look. The combination of different materials such as wood, plastic and injection molding is what makes the housing perfect.

From enclosure components to the product

Make or buy – on request, we can take on further tasks for you, including the production of ready-to-use devices. This includes procurement and warehouse logistics as well as shipping.

In short, the fulfillment of your products. Take advantage of our capacities and many years of experience. Feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Contact person
Edgar Kine

Application of HOUSINGS

in various INDUSTRIES

Metal casings are used in many different ways these days. As a result, many industries make use of the advantages in a wide variety of applications. The degree of customization, especially for front panels, has also increased enormously. HMT Rüffel makes it possible to implement the design according to your specifications. We have listed a few examples here:
  • In music electronics, e.g. for synthesizers and amplifiers
  • For use in network technology
  • As a separate housing
  • for the basic body of switch cabinets
  • In medical technology for medical devices
  • In ventilation technology as a subrack
  • In mechanical engineering as an outer shell for mechanical system components
  • in IT technology as a PC housing or controller housing
  • in radio and telecommunications technology
  • As an outer shell for industrial camera systems

We are certified according to the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001!


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